From Model Year '91 the backlit combi-instrument is being fitted with new-version software K26 (previously K25).

If a language changeover is carried out, this remains unaffected if the power supply is disconnected and then reconnected.

The new software makes it possible to advance the total mileage recorder.

Feeding in the total no. of km/miles driven, e g. when replacing the combi-instrument, can be found in the Porsche Diagnosis under "Specific functions".


This function can only be used if the no. of km/miles recorded is < 256 km/miles. Implementation

Initiate diagnosis and advance to function


When the operating lever is "pulled", the function "PRESET K26 TOT. COUNTER?" is called up. The display shows:

K2 6


Inputting is carried out with the operating lever as follows: Upwards: right-hand figure + 1

Downwards: right-hand figure -1; continuation from 0 to 9

Push: figure changed moves one space to left

Pull: figure changed moves one space to right (used only to correct input error)

Example of input for 45850 km: At start of input display shows:

K2 6


1. Steering column switch 4 times upwards:

K2 6


2. Press steering column switch once:


3. Steering column switch 5 times upwards:


4. Press steering column switch once:

5. Steering column switch twice downwards (or 8 times upwards):

K2 6


6. Press steering column switch once:

7. Steering column switch 5 times upwards:

8. Press steering column switch once:

K2 6


For the new figure to be adopted the zero button must be pressed for approx. 14 seconds.

If the zero button is released too soon the function will be broken off without the new mileage having been stored.

After 14 seconds the display shows:


If a new mileage figure cannot be fed into the EEPROM (e.g. if battery current is too low) the display shows the following fault warning:

K2 6


In this case the function must be cancelled and then called up again. Note:

After disconnection and reconnection of term. 30 the total distance reading can have changed by ± 8 km/miles because km/miles figure in the EEPROM has a specific resolution factor (e.g. 45848 km instead of the input figure of 45850 km).

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