New radio generation


Blaupunkt Symphony for ROW

Radio module

• Radio monitor


Cassette module

• Autoreverse

• Tape type switch

• Cassette Program Search (CPS)

• Autom. tape type switch

Amplifier module

• Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR)

• Loudness switch/program facility

• Sep. controls for treble, bass, fader, balance

• Assigned anti-theft code and personal identification no

• Red/green display color switchover

• Remote control for CD changer



Blaupunkt Stuttgart for USA/CANADA


• 18 FM/12 AM station presets

• 6 FM Travel store presets

• 4x10 watts output in 4-channel mode

• FM frequency response 35 - 16000 Hz

• Auto and manual seek up/down

• Multi-path suppression

• Automatic local/distance seek tuning

• ASU Impulse noise quieting

• Direct Software Control (DSC)

• Full logic cassette operation

• Motorized loading and eject

• Pinch roller release

• DNR™- Dynamic Noise Reduction for FM and cassette

• Super cassette program search

• Cassette frequency response 35 - 18000 Hz -3 dB

• Automatic metal tape equalization (70 - 120 ^sec.)

• Ultra precise superlaminated tape head

• Cassette scan

• Separate bass and treble controls

• Separate balance and fader controls

• Programmable loudness

• Preamp output

• Anti-theft code / personal identification number

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