Checking Fuel Pressure

1. Unscrew capped nut on distributor injection tube.


4. If fuel pressure deviates from specifications, clamp return hose slowly with a clamp at rear next to the fuel level transmitter.

Be careful that sealing ball does not fall out when taking off the capped nut. Catch escaping fuel.

2. Connect pressure tester P 378 or VW 1318 and P 378 c.

Pressure Tester P378

if pressure is less than 4 bar, check fuel filter or, if applicable, replace fuel pump.

5. If engine cannot be operated, pull off relay XX and bridge terminals 30 and 87. Fuel pump should run.

3. Start engine and measure fuel pressure Specification: 2.3 to 2.7 bar at idle speed.

Specification: approx. 2.0 bar

Pull off vacuum hose on left pressure damper.

Specification: 2.3 to 2.7 bar

36 Checking Fuel Pressure

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