Install oil pan with gasket and tighten mounting bolts to 8 Nm/6 ftlb.

Screw in drain plugs with new seals and tighten to 14 Nm/IOftlb.

Adding ATF

First add a large amount (approx. 5 liters) of ATF with the engine stopped. Start engine with selector lever in "P" and let engine run at idle speed. Observe ATF level in tank and add remaining ATF immediately.

Operate brake pedal and leave selector lever in each position several seconds. Then recheck ATF level.


ATF level in transmission will change with any change in ATF temperature. Max. and min. marks on tank refer to an ATF temperature of 80° C / 176° F. At a temperature of 20 to 30° C/68 to 86° F, on the other hand, the maximum ATF level will be below the minimum mark (see figure). This information is important for replacing ATF, which normally takes place at this temperature.

ATF temperature

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Replacing ATF and Filter

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