Alignment General

Use an optical or electronic axle measuring device to align the vehicle. Refer to the operating instructions for the axle measuring device for the measuring procedure. The following preconditions must be fulfilled before starting alignment:

. Vehicle at curb weight as per DIN 70020, I.e. ready for the road with full tank, spare wheel and tools.

Correct joint and wheel-bearing play

Prescribed tyre inflation pressure, more or less uniform tyre tread

If vehicle is to be aligned front and rear, first check and/or adjust the wheel values for the rear axle. Center the steering wheel and steering for track adjustment.

Before starting to adjust the wheel values for front or rear axles, it may be advisable or necessary* to check the rear axle height setting at DIN curb weight, as well as the front axle for vehicles with adjustable front spring struts.

If wheel-load scales are available, it is possible to Weep the difference between right and left wheel loads as low as possible thanks to the height adjustment facility. The difference in wheel load is adjusted by altering the height of the vehicle within the height tolerance. Priority is given to the least possible difference between right and left wheel load.

* following work which causes an alteration in height or if the height is incorrect.

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