Call up the Switch Inputs menu with the Pressure Switch display

Pressure Switch FL: closed FR: open RL: open RR: closed Coniune: N

3. By pushing the car or, if it is on a hoist, by turning one wheel (for instance a rear wheel), position one of the pressure sensing switches precisely opposite its high-frequency transmitter. This adjustment can be carried out with the aid of the tester: at the correct wheel position the display for the RL or RR pressure sensing switch changes from "Open" nach "Closed" (assuming that the tire pressure is correct; in case of doubt, slightly increase the tire pressure temporarily).

Next, reduce the tire pressure until the display changes from "Closed" to "Open" (switching point of pressure-sensing switch).

Now increase tire pressure again slowly until the switching point is just reached (display changes from "Open" to "Closed"). Take an accurate reading of the pressure then shown on the gauge, and add 0.3 bar to it. Adjust the tire pressure at the other wheel on the same axle to the same value.

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