Check HF sender and ABS speed sensor

Component to be tested/ Remarks

Preconditions Fault / Remedy

Each test with attenuated and unattenuated HF sensor

- Required display: OK* for attenuated HF sensor OK for unattenuated HF sensor

Attenuated means: Closed pressure-operated switch (Tire pressure greater than switching pressure) above the HF sensor

- If display shows: defective, there is a fault in the HF sensor or in the line to the control unit.

Refer to menu 1 (fault memory) to remedy faults for fault code 1 - 4

Unattenuated means:

a) Open pressure-operated switch (Tire pressure less than switching pressure) above the HF sensor or b) neither of the pressure-operated switches above the

HF sensor

2 = ABS speed sensor - When the wheel is turned, a bar diagram appears, dependent on speed.

If no signal appears, remedy fault according to information from menu 1 (fault memory) fault code 5 - 8.

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