Checkadjust height Note

The adjustment facility is used to correct differences between left and right wheel loads. If the height is correct, the differences in wheel load are within a permitted tolerance as long as the coil springs on each axle are the same length {spring pretention). Tolerance ± 1 mm.

It is possible to keep the differences in wheel load as low as possible if wheel-load scales are used. The tolerance between right and left on front and rear axles less than 20 kg.

2a) If spring struts are not adjustable the vehicle height at the front axle is determined by the coil spring and cannot be adjusted. It is only possible to make a correction by replacing the front axle coil springs or fitting spacers under the lower spring seat.

No more than max. 2 spaces may be fitted to each spring strut to ensure that the guide for the lower spring seat is maintained. Bear in mind that a settling allowance must be made for new vehicles and replaced axle components.

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