Checking the ABS operation

If service operations not directly related to parts of the ABS have been carried out on the brake system, a simple functional check is sufficient. I.e. after starting the engine, the warning lamp in the instrument cluster must go off if the ABS system is o.k. Operations of this type include replacement of brake pads, brake hoses, brake discs, brake booster, tandem master cylinder, brake cables and components of the parking brake as well as brake pipes that are not screwed into the hydraulic unit.

When performing service operations on the hydraulic unit*, electronic control unit*, on rpm sensors and/or the wiring harness or when replacing units, e.g. during accident repairs, the operation of the ABS system must be checked with the ABS tester.

* Hydraulic unit and electronic control unit must neither be repaired nor dismantled. The electronic control unit checks itself via a self-diagnosis routine. For this reason, checking the control unit is only possible or required, respectively, if an ABS test is performed and only if tester version Bosch K 7 (VAG 1516) Is used.

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