Checking the delivery pressure of the power steering pump

1. With the engine running at idle, close shu-toff valve (lever position II) and read off pressure. Open shutoff valve again at once. Specification 68 to 82 bar for power steering pump 928.347.431.04, 928.347.431.05 and 928.347.089.00.

Specification 110 to 110 bar for power steering pump 928.347.089.01 (as of MY '91)

identification: Nameplate on pump. Part No. and pressure specification are indicated on the nameplate.


To limit wear, the suthoff valve should not be closed for more than 5 seconds. In the case of pressure gauge version 3a, select lever position II right or II left according to the way that high-pressure hoses are connected to the pressure gauge. (No reading is possible if lever position II is incorrect).

2. If specifications are not reached or exceeded, replace pump.

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