Combined plug connections distinguishing line features

There are several combined plug connections of the same type in the lines for brake-pad wear, speed sensors and HF sensors. The lines in this area can be distinguished from one another as follows:

Sheathed lines for

HF sensors and speed sensors.

For brake-pad wear: 2 lines protected by tubing.

The HF sensor connectors have 1 pin and 1 socket. The connectors for the speed sensors have 2 pins with 2 sockets on the other side.


Use 1 or 2 auxiliary cables (own construction) for measurements on the control unit connectors and plug connections with the same contacts (flat contacts). This will prevent the contacts becoming deformed.

There are 2 combined connectors on top of one another in the area of the spare wheel. The lines here are marked with Rl -rear left and HR - rear right.

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