If the 9288 system tester is connected make quite sure that no speed range is selected at the automatic transmission since when the engine is running the tester could increase its running speed

Not all system faults are identified by the RDK control unit as faults. This applies to the RDK control unit itself. If the fault display "RDK SHUT DOWN" appears and no fault is stored in the control unit, the following points must be checked or confirmed before the RDK control unit is replaced:

a. Is the control unit plug attached correctly and are the connection contacts between the plug and the control unit in good condition?

b. When the ignition is switched on, a voltage higher than 9 Volt must be present at PIN 13 (ground) and PIN 33 of the disconnected control unit plug (refer to Page 44 - 34).

c. There must be no break in the data line from RDK control unit PIN 2 to instrument cluster plug 2, PIN 11.

The following display may appear as a fault output although no fault is present: Data line - interruption - not present (fault code 18).

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