Important notes

Faults which were not present during the last journey and the test conditions applying them cannot be measured (with one exception). The relevant fault path should therefore be inspected visually. since with this type of fault the cause is either poor electrical contact, contact resistance or corrosion at the plug connections. Exception:

"HF sensor signal not plausible" (fault code 1-4). This fault is always output by the system tester as "Not Present". However, it is possible that the fault is present and can be measured by way of the sensor test (menu 2).

A displayed fault, for example "HF sensor ground short", refers not only to the HF sensor but to the complete circuit path as far as the control unit input.

After eliminating the fault, erase the fault memory. After a short test drive (approx. 500 meters), read out the fault memory again.

The fault code for the fault output is displayed as additional information if button 1 is pressed. In addition, from control unit software status R 02 on (introduced during 1991 model year), the road speed when the fault first occurred is memorized.

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