Installing Notes

On four-piston fixed caliper brakes, damper plates must be installed when asbestos-free brake pads are used. For details of the correct damper plates for the various brake calipers, refer to Group 4 Technical Information.

Renew the damper plates each time the brake pads are renewed.

It is forbidden to mix asbestos-free brake pads and brake pads containing asbestos on the same car.

Asbestos-free brake pads are also available for cars with fist-type and floating caliper disk brakes.

1. If necessary, move the pistons back to their initial positions with the resetting tool.

2. Clean the seat and guide faces for the brake pads in the brake caliper with spirit and a special cylinder brush or similar, to ensure that the pads move freely In their bores. Make quite sure that the brake piston seals are not damaged.

3. Check that the brake calipers are installed in the correct positions. The small pistons must be at the side where the brake disk enters. This can also be checked at the arrow above the PORSCHE logo; this arrow shows the direction of brake disk rotation.

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