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Important notes

- A defective pressure-operated switch adopts a condition which is defined by the HF sensor as being a standard operational condition. Example: if the pressure-operated switch diaphragm is deformed, the switch assumes the closed state, therefore OK state, even if the tire pressure is too low.

- The HF sensor must be tested and OK before the pressure-operated switch can be diagnosed correctly.

Component to be tested/Remarks Preconditions

Fault, Remedies

Pressure switch

2 pressure-operated switches (offset by 180°) must be checked per wheel

If the "OPEN" display appears,

- the distance or offset between switch and HF sensor Is too great or

- the pressure-operated switch is defective b) Tyre pressure* less than switching pressure Required display: OPEN

If the "CLOSED" display appears, the pressure-operated switch is defective.

* For practical purposes, the test pressures as used in the short test (Page 44-28) are used as tire pressures.

Align pressure-operated switch with HF sensor. Then a) tire pressure* greater than switching pressure

Required display: CLOSED

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