Modifications to the steering wheel height adjuster

As of MY '92, axial locking of the operating level (No. 4) was improved by a spring clip (No. 1). This has entailed modification of the operating lever (No. 4) and of the eccentric (No. 6). The spring clip (No. 1) and two spring washers (No. 2) were newly introduced.

In case of repairs, the modified design should also be adopted for vehicles prior to MY '92 equipped with airbag.

Required parts: New lever, new eccentric, two spring washers and one spring clip.

Parts identification



Original version

Modified version


Adjuster lever

without hole at end

with hole at end (arrow)

dimension x

106 mm

111 mm



Total length

36.0 + 1.0 mm

34.5 + 1.0 mm

Dimension x =

14.5 + 0.2 mm

13.0 + 0.2 mm


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