RDK possible fault displays and their causes Possible RDK fault displays

Tire pressure at each wheel is monitored by two pressure sensing switches installed in the wheel, if the tire pressure drops below the nominal value to which the pressure sensing switch is set, or if a system fault develops, a warning appears on the instrument panel: the warning light at the top right comes on and the corresponding fault display is shown in the display panels.

Possible fault display





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When the ignition is turned on, the warning light comes on as a bulb test. It goes out when the engine is started. Tire pressure monitoring starts after the car has been driven for approx. 20 m and when a minimum speed of 5 kph has been reached.

Display A: Arrow indicates wheel with low tire pressure (cause in wheel area). Display B: Appears for approx. 2 minutes after switching off the ignition as a reminder. Display C: RDK system fault has occurred. Tire pressures are no longer being monitored (cause in system).

If a system fault has occurred, the cause is stored in the fault memory of the RDK control unit and can be called up by means of the diagnostic facility (from Page 44-301).

The fault display (RDK system fault and pressure warning) can be acknowledged with the in-car computer control lever, after which the text display will disappear. However, displays re-appear periodically until the fault is eliminated.

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