Read out the tire pressure loss event memory Important notes

From control unit version 02 on, the RDK control unit contains an event memory which stores data on any pressure losses at one or more tires during the last 8 journeys made by the vehicle. It also indicates the road speed at which the event occurred, and whether either one or two pressure-sensing switches were open.

This event memory permits conclusions to be reached regarding unnatural pressure losses at one or more wheels. Eliminate the cause of any unnatural pressure loss immediately. Possible causes are stated on Page 44-26.

Of the 8 recorded journeys, journey 8 is the most recent.

When the event memory is read out the most recent journey, that is to say journey 8, is shown on the system tester's display. The event memory cannot be erased.

If the > button is pressed, the next wheel for which a tire pressure loss event was recorded will be displayed, or if no other wheel was affected during this journey, the previous journey appears on the tester's display panel.

Event storage: when a new journey is started (after the ignition has been switched off), journey No. 1 is erased from the event memory and the previous journey Nos. 8 to 2 moved up to become journey Nos. 7 to 1.

* Additional RDK menu from control unit version R 02 on (introduced during the 1991 model year). This would normally have the serial number Menu 4, but since the tester only has selector buttons 1, 2 and 3, the menu at the top of the display, in this case the event menu, starts again at No. 1.

To change from one Menu 1 to the other (Event or Fault memory), page forward or back with the > or < keys.

Procedure: call up the event menu. Press the > key repeatedly until the event memory is read out in full. The tester indicates this (test end).

Example Event

Displayed data

Left rear wheel (RL)

Pressure loss detected by 2 switches at 270 kph

Right rear wheel (RR) No pressure loss

Left front wheel (FL)

Pressure loss detected by 1 switch at 100 kph

Right front wheel (FR)

Pressure loss detected by 2 switches at 270 kph

At all wheels No pressure loss

Drive - 8 - of 8 RL pressure loss 2 switches open v: 270 km/h 168 mph >

pressure loss 1 switch open v: 100 km/h 62 mph >

pressure loss 2 switches open v: 270 km/h 168 mph


Displayed data

Journey - 6 - of 8

Drive - 6 - of 8

At all wheels

no pressure loss

No pressure loss

Journey - 5 - to journey -1 - of 8

as for journeys 7 and 6

No pressure loss at any wheel

No pressure loss

but with the appropriate

journey number

(Journey - 5 - of 8

Journey - 4 - of 8 etc.)

Display after Journey 1:


testing completed

return N

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