Removing and installing pressureoperated switches

tire pressure warning system)

1. Turn the rim and clamp onto mounting unit. Remove the deflector from the pressure-operated switch.

2. Remove pressure-operated switch with Special Tool 9274/9273. Hold the pressure-operated switch with Special Tool 9273 while undoing fastening nut.

3. Fit the correct pressure-operated switch (marked with specified pressure (2.5 - or 3.0 bar) as follows:


Apply pressure-operated switch with new seal. Apply a film of Vaseline to the seal before fitting. Center pressure-operated switch and tighten new fasten nut by hand.

Call on the services of a second mechanic to counter the pressure-operated switch while you tighten the fastening nut. Tightening torque for the fastening nut 20 Nm (15 ft lb.)


1 Tool to counter (9273)

2 Pressure-operated switch with seal. Speci fied pressure front 2.5 bar / rear 3.0 bar or 2.5 bar (P. 44-01)

3 Fastening nut

4 Tool to tighten (9274)


The pressure-operated switch must not turn while tightening the fastening nut. (Damage to the seal/leak).

4. Remove protective foil from the diaphragm side if necessary. Press deflector onto the fastening nut and adjust. Check for secure fitting.

5. Mount tire (max. 6 bar tire pressure) and balance wheel.

6. Mount wheel onto hub and carry out short test for tire pressure warning system (page 44 - 28)

Removing and installing pressure-operated switches

Printed in Germany - XXVII,1991

Removing and installing high-frequency sensor (tire pressure warning system)


The front and rear high-frequency sensors (HF sensors) (2) have different cable lengths. The rear sensors have shorter cables.

The distance between HF sensor (2) and the pressure-operated switch (3) is approx. 6 ± 2 mm. This distance is maintained as long as the HF sensor holder is not out of shape.

1 Remove the HF sensor fastening screws from the holder.

2. Slide the HF sensor (2) out of the holder.

3. Undo and separate the HF sensor connectors at steering knuckle or wheel mount (1).

4. Carry out HF sensor test after installation (tire pressure warning system diagnosis, menu 2, refer to Page 44-310)

Removing and installing high-frequency sensor (tire pressure warning system)

Printed in Germany - XXII,1989

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