Removing and installing relay General

The anti-lock system is fitted with three relays.

The ABS relay (power supply for electronic control unit and scavenge pump motor relay) is located on the Central Electrical System.

The relay for the solenoids and the relay for the pump motor are located below the cover of the hydraulic unit.

ABS relay

Removing and installing

1. Flip up cover of Central Electrical System in the passenger's footwell.

2. With the ignition off, pull out and insert ABS relay, respectively (electronic relay with overvoltage protection).


The relay is located in the lower row of the Central Electrical System.

Initial version (up to end of MY '84) Relay No. XI (arrow).

The top of the relay is fitted with a 10 amps fuse insert (little fuse) that protects the ABS circuit.

Modified version

Starting with MY '85, the fuse is no longer located inside the relay but rather in the Central Electrical System. This fuse carries the reference no. 16. It also is a 10 A fuse insert (little fuse).

Current version as of MY '90

Relay No. XV

This fuse carries the reference no. 28




Removing and installing relay

Printed In Germany - XXIX, 1992

Pump motor relay / valve relay Removal

1. Remove the wheel housing cover.

2. Remove the cover hood.

3. Pull out fuse for solenoid valves No. 7 or for the pump motor No. 8 with the ignition switched off.

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