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Removing and installing pressure-operated switches (tire pressure warning system) 44 - 29

Printed in Germany ■ XXII, 1989

Removing and installing pressure-operated switch (tire pressure warning system)

Important note/preparation

The tire must be removed from the rim before removing or installing a pressure-operated switch. The following points must be observed under all circumstances when dismounting or mounting the tire:

- Clean dirty wheels before removing the tire. Mark the position of the tire on the rim for reassembly.

- Apply the forcing blade of the tire mounting unit at the central point between both pressure-operated switches. The deflector (arrow) must remain fitted while removing and fitting the tire to protect the pressure-operated switch.


- The diaphragm of the pressure-operated switch must not come into contact with grease, tire assembly paste or similar under any circumstances.

- Always replace the fastening nuts and torroidai sealing rings for the pressure-operated switches.

- The tire inflation pressure must not exceed 6 bar in order to present damage to the pressure-operated switch.

44 - 30 Removing and installing pressure-operated switch (tire pressure warning system)

Printed in Germany - XXII,1989

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