Specimen measuring chart4

Vehicle Ident. No.:

LitsncB pi a ha No:


1 J



Vefiicle; Empty wsiqht according •¿JIN 7C020 (wilh full fusl larw, apa 16 wheel and loosi


Rear-wheel adjustment 1 0

Rear-wheel adjustment 1 0

Caí a heighl * ¡noninai value 173 ± 10 mm|

load in kg* Max. difference oefween left arlO right; 20 kg


k Refer to instructions m Repair Manual

Printed in GBimany

* The caster adjustment setting has been changed for 1991 models on to 4' + V (previously 3° 30' + 30'). This changed caster value can be adoopted retrospectively on cars back to 1986 models inclusive (from introduction of vertical ball joint at front axle subframe pivot / refer to Page 44-19).

The caster tolerance range on the measuring chart should be modified if necessary. The printed measuring chart will not be amended until a new issue is printed.

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