Tire pressure of cold tires approx 20C summer and winter tires 15 and 16 inch

Summer tires*

Winter tires


2.5 bar pos. pressure

2.5 bar pos. pressure


3.0 bar pos. pressure**

3.0 bar pos. pressure

17 inch

Summer tires

Winter tires

front rear

Collapsible spare tire

2.5 bar pos. pressure 2.5 bar pos. pressure

2.5 bar pos. pressure 3.0 bar pos. pressure

front and rear 2.5 bar pos. pressure for 8 PR 89 P / 92 P tires front only 2.2 bar pos. pressure for 4 PR 83 P tires

* Due to changes in standards and legislation, "V" and "ZR" tires require tire pressures that deviate from the values indicated in the Owner's Manual.

Always use the new tire pressures indicated above. Relevant adhesive labels are available from all official Porsche dealers.

** In some cases, only allowed up to 2.5 bar (36 psi) in the U.S.A. This depends on the tire in question since earlier tires have a sidewall lettering that limits the admissible tire inflation pressure (max. press) for North America to 36 psi (2.5 bar). Lettering for tire pressures of 3.0 bar = max. press 44 psi or 300 Kpa.

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