Tire pressure warning system General General

A tire pressure warning system is fitted to 928 S 4 vehicles as standard, from Mod. 1989 onwards, initially excluding USA and Canada, however. The tire pressure warning system is another development which constitutes a significant contribution towards road safety. The tire inflation pressure is monitored by the control system, which

- monitors the correct Inflation pressure with a greater degree of accuracy and reliability than any pressure tester in the on-board tool set, at the garage or in the workshop

- automatically allows for temperature's influence on the air pressure (temperature-compensated threshold value system)

- Ensures perfect driving behavior and low fuel consumption as a resuit of correct inflation pressure

- Helps to prevent initial tire damage and increased tread wear as a result of inadequate inflation pressure.

The tire pressure warning system detects inadequate inflation pressure in one or several wheels, and displays this on the instrument cluster after at least 20 m distance at a speed of more than 5 km/h.

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