Tire pressures on cars with RDK Important notes

The tire pressure control system takes the effect of tire temperature on tire pressure into account. Despite this, it is possible for the tire not to reach the nominal pressure only in a particular vehicle operating situation.

In other words, a pressure loss display may not necessarily appear immediately the car is driven away. It may also fail to appear after switching the ignition off and on and driving the car away a second time. This merely indicates that the same vehicle operating conditions do not apply on this occasion. Nevertheless, the driver should be aware that tire pressure remains too low for a certain combination of temperature and road speed, in other words for a given driving situation.

When low pressure has been Indicated even once, it should be corrected as soon as possible in the interests of safety.

if tire pressures are too low, the car's road behavior is adversely affected. In addition, wheels and tires may suffer damage.

If the information system indicates a loss of pressure several times in rapid succession, or if the pressure is indicated as well below the nominal value, this suggests that tjre damage has occurred or that the tire valve or the wheel rim are damaged (see Page 44 - 26).

Very slight tire pressure loss occurs all the time, since a small amount of air escapes through the tire rubber (this process is known as diffusion).

To avoid damaging the pressure sensing switches, never inflate tires to a pressure of more than 6 bar when fitting them.

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