Track difference

It is not possible to adjust the track difference (can only be affected by replacing steering arms).


Refer to drawing for lateral and radial runout measuring points on inside of rim.

Max. permissible lateral and radial runout on aluminum rims = 1,0 mm

Max. permissible lateral and radial runout on rim with tire = 1,25 mm (also refer to page 44 - 8)


Damaged rims should never be straightened.

Check flanges of aluminum wheel rims for wear. The inside rim flange is more subject to wear.

Use a standard 8 or 10 mm radius gauge for checking. Remove any sharp edges or burrs before checking.

Wear limit: 1 mm.

Replace wheel rim, if necessary.

Checking Rim Flange Shape

■ New condition

Max. wear limit: 1 mm *| Radius gauge

8 mm radius gauge for cast wheel rims 10 mm radius gauge for forged wheel rims

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