Wheel balancing General

If the wheels are too unbalanced, this not only causes vibrations and shaking of the steering wheel but also results in higher wear on various chassis components.

Even if wheels are balanced correctly, uneven running and steering can be caused by excessive geometry faults (radial and lateral run-out) and irregularities in tires, e.g. material accumulating in one place (when rolling under diverse suspension conditions).

Extreme care, compliance with instructions and procedures, as well as the attempt to remedy even the last gram of imbalance is necessary to achieve a good result.

Notes i prerequisites

- Wheel suspension elements must be technically sound.

- Wheels must be cleaned, without any foreign bodies in the tires.

- Check radial and lateral run-out on wheels without flat spots with a radial run-out measurement gauge, e.g. VAG 1435. Try to achieve values of less than 1 mm and greater than 0.5 mm.

- Tires must be matched to achieve minimum out-of-true characteristics or to optimize smooth running. Tips and information on this as well as tire mounting paste can be found on Page 44 - 7/8

- If disk wheels (rims) run absolutely true but there is extreme radial and lateral run-out (caused by braking flat-spots, cord breaks, other damage) replace the tire if necessary.

- Only balance used wheels when warm as flat spots may otherwise simulate an imbalance. Never match in the case of flat spots.

- The correct tire pressure is a crucial prerequisite

- Use self-adhesive or clamp weights according to the type of disk wheel. Use self-adhesive weights for cast light-alloy disk wheels.

Coated clamp weight for forged light-alloy disk wheels. Notes on fitting the weights, see Page 44-17

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