When pressing off the tire start at the valve since the levering force required in this area is somewhat lower

Then press off the tire on both sides, coating the rim flange with assembly compound.

- Lift the first side of the tire over the assembly head (Fig. 1017 - 44). Place a rag or a leather cloth between the wheel and the tire lever.

In addition, make sure the tire remains in the drop center opposite the disassembly head (Fig. 1018 - 44). Use Special Tool 9539 to facilitate this.

- Remove the second side of the tire in the usual manner.


General Information:

Aluminum wheel nuts may only be loosened and tightened with Special Tool P 300. Aluminum wheel nuts could shear through:

— use of unsuitable tools (wheel nuts held by only about 2/3rds of total depth),

— excessive tightening torque,

— erratic loosening (impact tool) and

— missing or unsuitable lubricant.

2. Lubricate threads and calotte with Optimoly I- Compass saw, 17.5 mm diameter. This tool

|A, can be used after grinding off and smoothing inside diameter (welding seam must be eliminated).

3. Always tighten nuts to specified torque of

130 Nm "' Shaft for mounting compass saw.

III. Standard portable drill.

In this case the calotte would shear off of the wheel nut's hexagon exactly at the point of transition and impair removal of rim.

1. Always use a perfect-condition Special Tool P 300. Other socket wrenches, wrench sockets or wheel bolt wrenches may not be used. Impact tools must never be used regardless of circumstances.

The rim can be taken off of the wheel hub without damage with the tools listed below. However, damaging the wheel bolt(s) cannot be avoided.

Delivery and Supply Sources

Sauer-Werkzeug GmbH & Co. KG Humboldstr. 53

2000 Hamburg 76

Tel.: 040/223322

2296666 Telex: 214120

Order Numbers:

303 161 - Adapter, size 1

or on commercial market

Manufacturer: The Cooper Group Deutschland GmbH

7122 Besigheim

Order Numbers:

261 110 00 - Compass saw 17.5 - H 111 264 020 00 - Adapter M 402 H

1. Grind off calotte with the mentioned tools. Work with 3 speed of approx. 450 rpm to guarantee good chip removal. Also bleed tool. The calotte will jump off of the wheel bolt after complete removal of threads from the sheared off wheel nut.


The wheel rim might be ground slightly during this step, but this is not important.

2. Replace pertinent wheel bolt(s) on removed wheel hub.

Use a proper size drift for removal and installation. Front wheel hub must be heated to 120 — 150 °C for this step.

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