Fullpower Curve




The Porsche 928 has a front-mountec, 8 cylinder engine which is connected to the rear-mounted, 5-speed manual transmission and final drive by means of a rigid central tube.

This chassis concept provides the car with not only ideal weight distribution of 5G % for the rear wheels and 50 % for the front wheels, but also excellent straight ahead stability.

Power Flow

The power flows from the crankshaft of the engine 0 ) to the double dry plate clutch (3) via the engine's flywheel. Both clutch discs are mounted on the spline of the short drive shaft (15).

A coupling (16) connects the short drive shaft (15) with the long drive shaft (6). The long drive shaft (6) runs in the central tube (5) between the engine and transmission on two vibration absorbing bearings (7). The seated ball bearings are maintenance free.

When the lower bell housing (20) is taken off, the coupling (16) loosened and slid back into the central tube, it is possible to remove the entire clutch (3) together with the short drive shaft (15). The long drive shaft (6) is connected to the five speed transmission ยก13) by a clamp. Depending on the gear engaged, the engine speed is reduced in the transmission and transmitted to the axel shafts by way of the final drive (14).

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