Front sensor left

Disconnect the battery and cover the terminal or battery. 2. Remove the tire pressure warning system (RdK), mirror and ABS control units. 3. Disconnect the plug-in connection. The plugin connection is located on the reinforcement of the front car strut. 4. Undo the tear-off nut with special tool 9259. 5. Undo the hexagon nut with the socket insert.

Diagnosis Troubleshooting

The airbag system is continuously monitored by a diagnosis unit in the control unit. If a fault occurs, it is indicated by a warning lamp in the instrument cluster. In the event of a fault, the central warning lamp and this warning lamp come on. In cars for the USA, the fasten seat belts symbol also lights up. If non-activated airbag units have to be removed, they must be ignited electrically before being disposed of see Page 68-15 . The airbag warning lamp comes on for ap- prox. 5 seconds when...


Check installed position with a water level. 5. Install and spot weld impact absorber mount. Also tack weld with arc welder. 4. Fit wheel house wait, cut mating surface with an overlap and install. Check lateral position with a water level applied at opening for headlight shaft. Spot weld wheel house and arc weld vertical seam on outside. 5. Install and spot weld impact absorber mount. Also tack weld with arc welder. 3. Pull or grind off scrap metal....

Body Paint Colors Beginning With 1991 Models

Water base paints are applied exclusively by the manufacturer during production spraying. For repair of watwer-base paints, conventional respray paints matching the color of the original paint are used. I.e. the only prerequisite for resprays is that the correct respray paint is used refer to Paint Manual, page L3 - 25 . Color differences due to paint application do no occur.

Workshop Manual

PORSCHE Aktiengesellschaft Template for rear side parts to PU trim - 9172 Template for rear window opening - 9159 Template for windshield opening - 9158 Inert gas welder for steel and galvanized metal Inert gas welder for aluminum parts Gas welder Pneumatic gun with attachments, chisel etc. Hydraulic 10 ton straightener with accessories Pneumatic guns, equipment and materials for longterm undercoating for cavity sealing for sealing jobs Set of Attachements ENS 243.300 for...