Recommended Sequence of Procedures for Adjustment of Drive Pinion Ring Gear

If it is necessary to adjust the drive pinion and ring gear, keep to the following sequence in interest of economical procedures.

1. Determine total shim thickness ,,Stot" (Si plus S2) for specified pre-load of differential taper roller bearing.

2. Determine shim thickness ,,S3".

3. Split total shim thickness ,,Stot" in Si and S2, to have the specified backlash between ring gear and drive pinion.

The objective of adjustment is to restore the optimum smooth running, which had been determined in special testing machines during manufacture.

Absolute cleanliness is required for all repair and adjusting jobs to guarantee perfect results.

Backlash between ring gear and pinion can be adjusted only by changing thickness of shims and should be:

Pinion/ring gear from Getrag =0.15... 0.20 mm Pinion/ring gear from Hurth = 0.20... 0.25 mm

The backlash specification is inscribed in the ring gear!

Pre-load of differential taper roller bearing in final drive case: approx. 0.3 mm.

Location of shims:

St - Shim for ring gear S2-Shim for ring gear S3 - Shim for drive pinion

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