Symbols and Explanation

switch, closed sequence switch m) motor

tip switch switch (tip switch), manually operated switch (tip switch), mechanically operated, e. g. limit switch temperature switch pressure switch temperature switch (thermal overload protection)

float switch g) generator meter, indicator solenoid relay solenoid valve

resistor, heating element fuse bulb h-4/f potentiometer i ¥ t


resistor sender unit inductance, coil horn loudspeaker antenna equipment border line solid-state circuit spark gap diode

battery cell wire connection, permanent wire connection, detachable shielded wire fuse

wire connectic=»n on fuse/relay bo/»krd

continuation of wire (e. g. part viii, current track 6)


I 81a wire connector

no actual wire, but internal connection or connection between equipment housing and ground grouf—-jd (body)

current track -


Current Row Diagram Type 928 USA

Model 79 Index

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