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Special grease: TL-VW 745 universal cold grease, see Technical Information No. 2/86 X (Table of Operating Fluids).

87/972 A

Testing controls of lifting sun roof drive

1. Check fuse number 8 (terminal 30), fuse number 18 (terminal 15) and fuse number 36 (terminal R).

2. Remove lifting sun roof switch and hold open cover on connector.


3. Perform following tests with a voltmeter or a test lamp:

3.1 Terminal 1 must have battery voltage with the ignition turned on.

3.2 Terminal 2 must have battery voltage with the ignition key in position R (radio position).

3.3 Terminal 5 must have battery voltage when the speed is greater than or equal to 1.8 km/h and when the doors on cars with central locking are locked.

Check lines or replace control unit for lifting sun roof if voltage values are not as specified.

4. Check microswitch in roof opening.


The microswitch will prevent running out the lifting elements unintentionally after removing the roof.

4.1 Microswitch must remain in closed position with the roof installed up to the maximum lifting position.

4.2 The roof cannot be lifted when the microswitch is open or when a wire is interrupted.

4.3 The operating lever on the microswitch must move easily.

11 123 A

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