Ref 1 Replacing Brake Fluid

Replacing brake fluid is divided into two steps. Step 1 Replace brake fluid for the brake master cylinder circuit and clutch hydraulic system (conventional). Step 2 Replace brake fluid for the booster circuit (brake booster and lock control). This requires activating the lock solenoids with a 9288 System Tester and removing the brake fluid from each lock cylinder. Use of an electric filling and bleeding machine is recommended to guarantee fast and practical replacement of the brake fluid. Pour...


The figure shows the camshaft housing of cylinder bank 1 to 3 911 Carrera 4 Engine, Cylinder Head and Valve Drive Tightening torque 20 Nm (15 ftlb), use second wrench to lock Lock pin to locate the oil spray tube When fitting, coat with Loctite 270, drive in level or to a depth of 0.5 mm below the sealing surface, respectively Check oil spray bores, flush thoroughly When fitting, coat with Loctite 270, press in level Check bearing surfaces for wear and score marks

DME control unit with diagnostic capability

A self-diagnosis function with fault memory is integrated in the DME control unit which permits certain faults in the injection, ignition and knock regulating systems to be detected and stored. The DME control unit has a permanent positive connection to prevent deletion of detected and stored faults when the ignition is turned off. Detected faults remain stored in the fault memory for at least 50 engine starts (exception idle speed switch interruption faults). If the DME control unit plug or...

Accident hazards on electronic ignition systems

Transmission Line Wire Pulling Accident

Increased demands on the ignition systems made by modern engines and the desire for maintenance-free components have led to electronic ignition systems being used in series vehicles for some time now. As a rule, the ignition performance of electronic systems is higher than that of conventional systems and further increases in the performance are forecast for the future. This means that electronic ignition systems are entering into an area where contact with current-carrying parts or terminals...

Operating instructions for System Tester 9288

The Systemtester 9288 BOSCH KTS 301 is a microprocessor-con-trolled self-diagnosis tester. All systems which have a diagnosis interface as per ISO Standard can be tested with this tester. The following tests are possible Reading out the fault memory Sensor and status checks, tire-pressure monitoring RDK The Systemtester 9288 is a high-quality piece of electronic equipment. In order to prevent damage to the equipment as a result of improper use, please read the information in the operating...

Removing and installing the engine Tiptronic vehicles Special tools

996 Tiptronic Torque Drain Fluid

911 Carrera 2 Engine, crankcase, suspension Removing and installing the engine Tiptronic vehicles The engine-transmission assembly is removed completely downwards. 1. Support the vehicle at the support points. Note Align the rear right supports so that the transmission underbody cladding can be removed later on. 2. Disconnect the battery ground cable. 3. Disconnect the connectors 6 each at the intake distributor and remove the cable clip The drawing shows the engine in 45410 5. Undo the...

Coding the DME control unit

928 607 421

Various characteristic maps are integrated in the DME control unit in order to cover the different country-specific legislation and different vehicle types. These characteristic maps can be read directly in the Actual value menu with the system tester 9288. In order to permit calling up of these characteristic maps, a 2-pin plug connection and a 3-pin plug connection are brought out of the DME wiring harness. These must be jumpered differently, depending on the country-specific version....

Dismantling and assembling pistons and cylinders

Stepped Taper Faced Ring

Always replace with new parts, fit dry Always replace with new parts, check for correct seating, use Special Tool 9500 Must remain allocated to the corresponding piston. Do not mix with parts from another cylinder, even within the same engine. When dismantling and assembling the engine, observe this procedure and mark parts accordingly. Observe inside dia., use suitable thrust pin Always replace with new parts, check for corr. seating, use Sp. Tool 9500 Double-bevelled oil control ring, groove...

Adjusting the timing

Mount the auxiliary chain tensioner, Special Tool 9401. Illustration shows left-hand side of the auxiliary chain tensioner 1. Turn the crankshaft until the marking on the pulley is exactly aligned with the seam of the crankcase or with the locating mark on the blower housing. 4. Mount the auxiliary chain tensioner, Special Tool 9401. Illustration shows left-hand side of the auxiliary chain tensioner 2. Position both camshafts with the punched marking pointing upwards. If this mark has not...

Disassembling and Assembling Crankcase Tools

Bolt crankshaft on holding plate with multiple-tooth socket bolts, Part No. 928 102 152 01. 911 Carrera 4 Engine, Crankshaft, Pistons Pressing tool for seal flywheel end Carrera 4 Table Of Contents Carrera 2 Addendum Main Menu 13 Engine, Crankshaft, Pistons 911 Carrera 4

Disassembling and Assembling Camshaft Housing Cylinder Head Tools

Porsche Tool P200a

Disassembling and Assembling Camshaft Housing, Cylinder Head Screwdriver socket for multi-tooth nuts Standard, Stahlwille 73 Nm V 3 and 49-5 Wrench socket for temperature sensor II in calinderhead cyl. 3 Pressure pad for pressing in valve stem seals Dis. and assembling cylinder head, camshaft housing

Carrera 4Engine Crankcase Suspension

Carrera Transmission Install

Primary muffler catalytic converter - intermediate muffler spherical clip Intermediate muffler -final muffler spherical clip Restraining strap to intermediate muffler Cap nut on the fuel distribution line Primary flywheel to secondary flywheel 911 Carrera 4 Enginge, Crankcase, Suspension The engine transmission assembly is removed 1. Raise the vehicle at the jacking points. Adjust the right-hand rear jacking point in such a way that the transmission guard can 2. Disconnect the battery ground...