B Control signal test

Connect DME test lead (Bosch No. 1 684 463 093) between solenoid valve and plug connection. Connect and adjust engine test in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.


Carrera 2 Addendum Fuel System/Electronic Control

911 Carrera 2 911 Carrera 4

Fault, Fault Code

Possible Causes, Elimination, Remarks

Tank venting valve is not activated permanently.

The test must be performed within 7 minutes after starting an engine at operating temperature. (After this, interrupt tank venting valve activation for approx. 75 s and then continue.)

Start engine and accelerate. The following display must be visible on the tester for an engine which is at operating temperature.

The signal becomes wider as the air throughput increases. If there is no signal, check the path in accordance with the wiring diagram. Replace control unit if necessary.

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