Check that the doors and the safety catch for the front hood are fitted securely and are In working order

Test for secure fit:

The fastening screws for the door lock, front hood lock and rear hood lock, as well as the fastening nuts for the upper parts of the front and rear hood locks must be tightened with 9.7 Nm (7 ftlb).

Functional check: Door lock

When the door is closed, the door lock must engage into the lock striker in two stages and disengage again when the door opener (inside and outside) is operated.

Front and rear hood locks.

When the hoods (front and rear) are closed, the hood locks must engage as the upper part of the locks are inserted and must disengage again when the hood release is pulled.

Safety catch - front hood

Once the hood release has been pulled, the front hood must be held down by the safety catch. At its lowest point, the safety catch must hook into the retaining plate. When the hood is open, the retractor spring must pull the safety catch back to the baseplate on the upper part of these locks as far as the stop.

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