Checking and adjusting the valve clearance


Always check or adjust the valve clearance with the engine cold (approx. 20 °C). Check by inserting the feeler gauge between the end face of the stem and the cap of the valve adjusting screw.

If the spark plugs are not removed when the valves are adjusted, the engine must only be rotated at the bottom pulley or at the internal multi-tooth end of the generator shaft.

Check hex nut on alternator shaft for tight fit after the adjustment has been completed.


Valve clearance with the engine cold:

Intake 0.1 mm

Exhaust 0.1 mm

The clearance is adjusted according to the firing order 1 -6-2-4-3-5. The piston for the respective cylinder must be in top dead center of the compression stroke as both valves are then closed. The TDC marking for each cylinder can be found on the pulley.

Cylinder designation t


Firing order 1-6-2-4-3-5

1. Cylinder 1 is the first to be adjusted. For this, turn the crankshaft to the right with the V-belt pulley until both valves of the cylinder are closed (overlapping cylinder 4) or until the distributor arm is aligned with the marking on the distributor housing. The TDC marking (Z1) on the pulley must be level with the crankcase seam or the locating mark on the blower housing.




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