Determining parallelity of chain sprockets

The parallelity offset between the driving sprocket on the intermediate shaft and the driven sprocket on the camshaft must not exceed ± 0,25 mm max. Before measuring, move the intermediate shaft in axial direction towards the flywheel to make sure the support collar of the bearing is seated correctly.

To adjust the sprockets, insert or remove shims, Part No. 901.105.561.00 (shim thickness 0.5 mm) as required. As a rule, three shims are required below the left-hand sprocket (cyl. bank No. 1 to 3), and four shims are required below the right-hand sprocket (cyl. bank No. 4 to 6).


Tighten hexagon head bolts of sprockets to approx. 30 Nm (22 ftlb), using Special Tool P 9191 to lock.

Determine dimension "A" from crankcase front edge or ruler, respectively, to intermediate shaft face area.

1307 -15

Design dimensions of sprockets on intermediate shaft from intermediate shaft face area to face area of rear intermediate shaft sprocket (cyls. No. 1 to 3) = 98.07 mm to face area of front intermediate shaft sprocket (cyls. No. 4 to 6) = 43.27 mm

Design dimensions + measured dimension "A" equal position of sprockets on camshafts (max. admissible deviation ± 0.25 mm).

1304- 15

Example: Measured dimension "A" = 35.5 mm

The value for the sprocket of cyls. No. 1 to 3 then equals: A + 98.07 =

1305- 15 1306- 15

The value for the sprocket of cyls. No. 4 to 6 then equals A + 43.27 =

0 0

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