Dismantling and assembling doublemass flywheel

Bolt double-mass flywheel to retaining plate P 209 a (special tool) with three M 8 x 100 mm hex bolts. Insert aluminum washers under the bolt heads.



As a rule, the double-mass flywheel should only be checked if transmission rattle is present at idle or in overrunning/load mode or if respective customer complaints are received.

Is the above transm. noise present?


Double-mass flywheel o.k.

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Direction of rotation of secondary flywheel






To facilitate subsequent reassembly, mark relative position of parts with a color pen.



1. Take off the end caps. Do not drill them out, but tilt each cap in its hole by striking it vertically at the edge with an arbor.


2. Unscrew the inner and outer ring bolts and take out the internal and external polygon head bolts.

3. Screw in the three centering pins (special tool 9520) at equal distances apart.


4. To separate the components of the double-mass flywheel, lower the complete unit firmly on a suitable hardwood surface with the screwed-in centering pins facing down. If necessary repeat this movement until the components have separated.

5. Knock the starter gear ring off with a plastic-headed hammer, holding the cover plate under it firmly at the same time.


The cover plate must not be taken off, as there is a precisely weighed quantity of silicone grease inside.


1. Insert the starter gear ring into the locating sleeves (3).

2. With centering pins 9520 (3) screwed in, place the primary flywheel on the secondary flywheel. It is important for centering pins S1 and S2 to engage in holes B1 und B2. Before assembling, align both sections as illustrated. The 3 centering pins make it easier to bring them together.

643- 13

3. Place the new end caps on the pin of driv-ing-in arbor 9521 and drive it in as far as the arbor will reach. Do not drive it in any deeper or else the covers will make contact with the screw heads behind them.


When repairing the clutch, replace only those components that are actually faulty and avoid replacing the double-mass flywheel if this is still fully operative.

In addition, no check of the double-mass flywheel is required when working on the clutch.

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