DMEDiagnosis Troubleshootlng

Printed in Germany - XVI, 1992

911 Carrera 2 911 Carrera 4

Fuel System - Electronic Control


After exhaust gas adjustment, perform system adaption. In the case of vehicles without catalytic converter, it must be ensured that the adapter plug (911.612.422.8) Is plugged onto the oxygen sensor connecting lead in order to avoid interference (see wiring diagram).

c) Idle speed CO of vehicles with catalytic converter

In these vehicles, adaption of the idle speed CO content takes place as well as adaptation of the idle speed. Consequently, it is only necessary to check the actual condition in such vehicles. The following preconditions must be observed when performing the checks:

- Engine at operating temperature

- Mechanically in order and ignition system O.K.

- All loads switched off

- CO tester at operating temperature, calibrated and adjusted correctly.

- Oxygen sensor plug connected

at 880 ± 40 rpm and ignition timing of 0° ± 3°.

After disconnection of the control unit plug or the battery, the engine must run for at least 10 min. at idle speed before these values can be rechecked. In addition, system adaption must be performed.

DME-Diagnosis/Troubleshooting D 24/28 - 31

Printed In Germany - VII, 1990

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