Exhaust system

Visual inspection for leaks and damage, check that screw connections are fitted securely and examine the mounting

1. Check that the exhaust flange is fitted securely and inspect the entire exhaust system for leaks.

2. Check that the mounting on the heat exchanger / cylinder head flange is fitted securely.

3. Check that all flange connections in the exhaust system as well as the Lambda probe and emission test plug are fitted securely.

4. Check that all screws on the flange, primary muffler (catalytic converter) / heat exchanger are fitted securely. Inspect the mounting points for the exhaust system.

Tightening torques:

1 - Heat exchanger - cylinder head 23 Nm (17 ftlb)

2 - Flat flange gasket between the left-hand side of the heat exchanger and catalytic converter 23 Nm (17 ftlb)

3 - Spherical flange straps 20.5 Nm (15 ftlb)

4 - Clamping band for the intermediate muffler 14 Nm (10 ftlb)

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