Exhaust test

Checking the idle speed -

Adjusting the CO without catalytic converter


It is no longer possible to adjust the Idle speed. The adjustment to the throttle housing is therefore not applicable.

Adjusting the idle speed/CO Precondition

The engine must be in faultless mechanical condition. Consumers must be switched off during the adjusting operations. Carry out adjustments as quickly as possible to ensure that the intake channels do not heat up and falsify the CO value. Ambient temperature 15 -35°C (59 - 95 °F)

1. Warm the engine up to operating temperature (70 - 90° C (158 - 194 °F) oil temperature).

2. Check the CO content. If the CO content Is not within the prescribed values, correct the setting of the air-flow sensor.

Illustration shows engine removed. 127/03

CO setting value: 0.5 -1.0 % Turn to the right -richer mixture Turn to the left - leaner mixture

Checking the idle speed

1. Connect a separate rev. counter according to the manufacturer's instruction. Idle speed 880 ± 40 rpm


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