Fuel system


Fuel supply

Air-cooled system

Via V-belts from the crankshaft approx. 1:1.60

1010 l/sec at 6100 rpm of the crankshaft

Dry sump lubrication with isolated oil reservoir

Thermostatically controlled, front oil cooler in the front right-hand fender, 2-stage electric blower

In the return line approx. 5.0 bar at 90 degrees oil temperature 0-5 bar electric and oil pressure warning lamp Up to 1.5 I/1000 km

Single-branch system joined together outside the heat exchanger, 3-way catalytic converter with closed-loop Lambda control, intermediate and final mufflers, partial encapsulation of the engine

Closed-loop Lambda control with 3-way catalytic converter (metal carrier).

Engine-dependent hot air heating with additional electric blowers and automatic temperature control

DEE (Digital Engine Electronics) 1 electric roller cell pump

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