No diagnosis possible

If the System Tester 9288 cannot enter the diagnosis, check the following Items:

Note: If the DME relay is faulty, no diagnosis is possible (engine cannot run).

Power is supplied to some control units of the diagnosable systems via the DME relay !

Check adapter cable 9288/1 for continuity

Check K and L wires to adapter lead 9288/1 for continuity. Socket 3 (8-pin connector) to pin 7 (19-pin socket). Socket 7 (8-pin connector) to pin 8 (19-pin socket).

Socket 3 = L lead

Socket 8 = K lead

Connector at tester

Check power supply

Check ground and terminal 15 of adapter cable 9288/1 for power supply.

Socket 4 = Ground Socket 5 = Terminal 15

1211 -03

Connector at tester

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