Maintenance 911 Carrera 4


2. Check the valve clearance with P 213 b; if necessary, undo the hexagon nut on the adjusting screw and correct the valve clearance by turning the adjusting screw with a suitable screwdriver, hold the adjusting screw firmly and tighten the counternut.


3. Check the clearance again.

4. Now, continue turning the crankshaft clockwise with the pulley as far as the next marking (120°). The valves for cylinder 6 can be adjusted in this position.

5. Turn the crankshaft to the next marking (120°) to bring cylinder 2 to firing point.

6. Repeat this procedure accordingly to adjust the other valves (cylinders 4, 3 and 5).

7. Always replace the valve-cover seals and the self-locking nuts.

Tightening torque 9.7 Nm (7 ftlb)

TDC marking - pulley


Distributor marking - cylinder 1

03-8 Maintenance

Printed in Germany - 1988

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911 Carrera 4 Maintenance 03


Illustration shows the engine removed 88/288

3. Push the probe cable with rubber grommet downwards through the engine paneling on the left-hand side.

4. Undo the front fastening screws on the engine side paneling beforehand.

Assembly work from below.

1. Remove the engine guard.

2. Remove the exhaust system complete (except heat exchanger).

3. Remove the side encapsulation panels from the engine.

4. Undo the side engine paneling.

5. Disconnect the spark plug sockets from the upper and lower ignition circuits.

6. Remove the valve covers for intake and exhaust.


The clearance for intake and exhaust valves can now be checked and/or adjusted from below.


The following assembly operations must be carried out before adjusting valves:

Assembly work from above:

1. Remove the rear wheels

2. If the vehicle is fitted with a catalytic converter, separate the plug connection to the Lambda probe, removing the hot-air blower beforehand.

Maintenance 03-9

Printed in Germany - VI, 1990

Installation of ignition leads on exhaust valve covers differs, so that valve covers must not be mixed up when installed.

Check for perfect seating of spark plug connectors and routing of ignition leads.




Maintenance Jobs

Printed in Germany - VI, 1990

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