If the full load contact fails, the control unit produces a load threshold via the air flow sensor. Values below this load threshold are the same as the switch being opened and values above the load threshold the same as the switch being closed.

911 Carrera 2

Fuel System/Electronic Control 911 Carrera 4


Fault, Fault Code Possible Causes, Elimination, Remarks Test point 4

Engine temperature The cylinder head temperature can be read directly in the „Actual sensor (NTC ll/ft) value" menu with the system tester 9288.

Fault code 1 _14 ,f no p|ausib|e display:

After disconnecting the DME control unit plug, connect an ohmmeter with terminal 45 and terminal 30 by means of test leads.

If the values are not reached, test directly at the engine temperature sensor.

Note: The temperature sensor II informs the control unit about the cylinder head temperature. It is responsible for mixture enrichment for cold starting or warming-up.

The DME control unit of the Carrera sets itself to a fixed resistance value permanently stored in the control unit which approximately corresponds to that of an engine at operating temperature. There is no enrichment by the faulty NTC II when the engine is warm (emergency running program). This results in starting problems If the engine is cold (no cold start enrichment).

Short-circuit (0 ft):

In cold state, no engine pick-up, too lean, and engine stops. No effect if engine is at operating temperature.

Replacement value is applicable to both types of fault!

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