Align bevelled edge of the plugs so that it points towards the bore. If the plugs cannot be press-fitted in the housing, upset them before fitting them.

3. Press in the plugs until they are approx. 0.3 mm below the sealing surface.

911 Carrera 4 Engine, Cylinder Head, Valve Drive

The cylinder head may be refaced twice (0.1 ±0.02 mm each). Refaced cylinder heads must be identified by a "- 10" or "- 200" mark on the flange of the inlet port (I).

To achieve a uniform component height, all cylinders on one side must always be refaced to the same dimension, i.e. refacing of one single cylinder only is not permitted.

Repair notes:

The sealing face cannot be refaced with the usual shop equipment. Shops with the required equipment (vertical or universal milling machines or lathes) should observe the following procedures:

New dimension 84.48 ±0.02 mm

0 0

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