Before tightening the cylinder heads, the hexagon screws of the knock sensor brackets must be only applied and not tightened.

Tighten in two stages:

1st stage: 15 Nm in accordance with specified tightening sequence


Assembling the cylinder heads

Tighten the cylinder heads by means of the torquing angle-controlled tightening method.

Assembly instructions

1. Provide the thread of the stud bolts in the crankcase with a thin coating of Optimoly HT.

2. Assemble the cylinder heads.

3. Coat the contact surfaces of the cylinder head nuts thinly with Optimoly HT and tighten as follows;

4. Finally tighten knock sensor brackets with 9.7 Nm


Removing and installing the knock sensor Installing

Always renew the micro-encapsulated hexagon screws (M 6 x 30). Spare part No. 999 217 082 02. Deburr and degrease the contact surface. The hexagon screws are fitted without washers.

Tightening torque 20 ± 5 Nm.

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