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Test point 18 Check Engine warning lamp

Fault code 145 (Calif, as from Mod. '91)

A ground signal is supplied from control unit plug 22 to the „Check Engine lamp" and switches on this lamp if a component influencing emission control fails.

If the „Check Engine" warning lamp fails, the fault is stored in the fault memory.

Check by supplying ground to disconnected control unit plug 22 and switching on ignition.

If the display lamp is faulty, always use a specified lamp for replacement.

Test point 19: Injection valve (V/Q) Fault code 115 for cyl. 1 to 156 for cyl. 6

If no pulse can be heard, check: a) Voltage supply

Disconnect valve plug, connect voltmeter with the valve plug terminal 2 and ground using test leads. Switch on ignition.

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