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Test point 2:

Idle speed contact (a) Ground short

Fault code 1 12

Check by means of circuit input test with system tester 9288 or Tester9268

Select test step and operate accelerator pedal. 9288 display: Idle speed contact closed Idle speed contact open. 9268 display: 1332 (idle speed contact closed) 0000 (idle speed contact open).

No display:

Disconnect plug from DME control unit.

Connect ohmmeter between terminal 52 and terminal 24 using test leads.

Bridge Ground to terminal 30


Throttle valve closed <10

Throttle valve opening angle >1° =

If the values of the idle speed contact are not reached in this test, the test should be repeated directly at the throttle valve switch:

Disconnect the plug on the throttle valve switch. Connect an ohmmeter between terminals 1 and 2 of the throttle valve switch using test leads.


Throttle valve closed <10 Q.

Throttle valve opening angle >1° =

Idle speed contact (£2) Test procedure same as for ground short.

Break (Fault will be stored in memory as from '91 models)

Fault code 1_15 Check whether setting is correct and adjust if necessary.

Cause may be incorrectly set throttle valve switch or accelerator cable, for example.

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